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Delta Treading Import & Export Co. is one of the biggest Egyptian companies in export different kind and size of valves.

Material used for producing them includes Bronze or Gunmetal, Forged Steel, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel Alloys, Cast Steel, Cast Iron, Aluminum, etc.

You will find all the necessary details of the Valves here, like their Manufacturing Standards, Pressure Rating, Material Specification, Dimension, Price and viability of Stock, etc.


Our valves & Fittings:


Globe valves

Globe valves have an extremely broad area of application and are available in a large number of sizes, connection types, materials and models, usually from stock. Globe valves manufactured and designed under our agents and we can also be supplied according to client specifications. The stock products are available in ANSI, DIN and JIS models.

Gate valves

Gate valves are available with small to extremely large passage widths and are mainly suitable for applications where it is important to keep pressure losses to a minimum.
They are available from stock in a large number of measurements, connection types, materials and models and with various sealing materials. The stock products are available in ANSI and DIN models.


Check valves

A wide range of check valve models with a variety applications is available. They are available with thread or flange connections or as grip models. Materials: brass, bronze, cast iron, steel and stain-less steel.


Ball Valve

Screw End Ball Valve

1- PC Ball Valve
2- PC Ball Valve
3- PC Ball Valve


Steam Trabs

Get condensate, air and carbon dioxide out of the steam system as quickly as they accumulate. That's the job of the steam trap.
Such as:

  • Cast Iron and Steel Float Thermostatic Traps

  • Float Trap with Thermostatic Air Vent

  • Thermostatic Super Condensate Releaser

  • Thermostatic Steam Trap


    Forged Steel Valve

    Delta offers a broad range of standard commodity forged steel gate, globe and check valves in threaded, socket-weld and connections.

    Materials: A105 - Lf2 - F304 - F316 - F22 ect.......

    Size Range: 1/4" - 2" inch
    Class Range: 800 - 2500 Ibs


    Pressure reducer valve

    Purchasing a control valve should be treated as a lifetime investment due to the long life of the product. Beware of the ‘throw away’ designs DELTA offers many advantages to our customers in the way of knowledge and experience. When you purchase a valve from DELTA, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that our company will be there to serve you in the decades to come. This is the DELTA Advantage — now and in the future.

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    Valves & Fittings

    The majority of the valves and fittings range is produced according to our own specifications, such as valves.
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    Gaskets and Sealing

    With its different production facilities in Europe and Asia, Delta is one of the leading suppliers of gasket and sealing products.
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    As well as instruments under its own label, Delta also represents a significant number of well-known manufacturers.
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    Tube and Fitting

    Delta delivers a complete range of related equipment like hoses and couplings, Rubber products and engineering plastics and anti vaporization systems
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