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Pressure gauges

The range includes tube spring, membrane and pressure differential pressure gauges, liquid column pressure gauges and accessories such as connectors, cooling elements, shock breakers, needle valves and siphon pipes. The variation is huge: you can make a selection from a large number of cabinet sizes, materials, process connectors and scale divisions. Pressure gauges, vacuum/pressure gauges and vacuum meters can be vacuum meters can be built up with a chemical seal especially for (petro) chemical applications. These measurement systems are suitable for the most demanding conditions.



The temperature measurement range provides instruments that derive their operation from various measurement principles: glass thermometers, bimetal thermometers, spring pressure thermometers, temperature sensors and Pt-100 temperature sensors. The right instrument is available for virtually any conceivable application.


Level sensors and switches

A wide range varying from relatively simple float switches to advanced (radar) level measurement systems with an accuracy of approximately 1 mm.


Flow meters and switches

The package provides a solution to virtually any measurement application. From flow switches for simple applications to highprecision flow meters. Models are available in a wide range of materials, from plastic to high-grade steel types. Also available in explosion and intrinsicallysafe models.


Solenoid valves

The wide variety of solenoid valves makes it possible to apply them in a large number of situations. There are magnetic level valves for neutral and aggressive media, for steam, hot water, air, gases and fuel oil, for dust removal plants, for offshore applications, for steering pneumatic controls and they are suitable for pressures and temperatures varying from vacuum to high pressure and from cryogenic to 125C. Solenoid valves are available in 2/3, 3/2, 4/2 and 5/2, explosion protected, low power and anti-water shock models.


Valves & Fittings

The majority of the valves and fittings range is produced according to our own specifications, such as valves.
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Gaskets and Sealing

With its different production facilities in Europe and Asia, Delta is one of the leading suppliers of gasket and sealing products.
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As well as instruments under its own label, Delta also represents a significant number of well-known manufacturers.
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Tube and Fitting

Delta delivers a complete range of related equipment like hoses and couplings, Rubber products and engineering plastics and anti vaporization systems
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