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Gaskets and Sealing products


With its different production plants in Europe and Asia, Delta is one of the leading suppliers of gasket and sealing products.


Sheet jointing material

Sealing materials manufactured in our own factories that meet the strictest industrial requirements. The various qualities are suitable for gases, hot and coldwater, oils, fuels, low-pressure steam, solvents and diluted chemicals, including alkalines and acids.


Modified PTFE sealing material

The new sealing material combines excellent chemical resistance with outstanding sealing performance. Because of the special manufacturing process, the materials are biaxially orientated which results in superior performance materials, with improved and more uniform physical properties.


Graphite sheet jointing material

Made of expanded graphite. Suitable for pressures up to140 bar and temperatures from -200C to 550C. graphite sheet jointing material feature excellent resistance to chemicals and no cold or hot flow or ageing.

They are resis - tant to thermal shocks and feature good heat conductance, good relaxation behaviour and outstanding compressibility.
As well as the various types of  graphite sheet jointing material, Delta also supplies graphite in foil form.


Applications: pumps, motors, steam systems, process industry and (petro) chemicals.


Mica compound

Gasket sheets composed of phlogopite or muscovite mica paper impregnated with a silicone-based binder. Flexible, strong, they show excellent thermal, chemical and electrical resistance characteristics. The material is non-flammable and totally non-toxic, with a lamellar non-fibrous structure. Easy to cut and to handle.


Spiral wound gaskets

Suitable for alternating pressures (up to 250 bar) and temperatures (from cryogenic to 1000C). Spiral wound gaskets can be tailored to highly variable operating conditions. They are easy to remove and have a high surface pressure range.
Spiral wound gaskets are available in a large number of shapes, sizes and designs.


Ring type joints

Suitable for applications involving extremely high pressures (up to 1500 bar) and temperatures (up to 1000C) and aggressive media. Ring type joints feature robust construction and an extremely high reliability level. They are available in a large number of shapes, sizes and designs. Frequently used offshore and in the (petro) chemicals industry.


The packing line includes about 40 different styles of braided packing obtained from a variety of yarns, suitable for use on valve stems, centrifugal and reciprocating pumps, compressors, mixers and static applications.


Valves & Fittings

The majority of the valves and fittings range is produced according to our own specifications, such as valves.
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Gaskets and Sealing

With its different production facilities in Europe and Asia, Delta is one of the leading suppliers of gasket and sealing products.
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As well as instruments under its own label, Delta also represents a significant number of well-known manufacturers.
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Tube and Fitting

Delta delivers a complete range of related equipment like hoses and couplings, Rubber products and engineering plastics and anti vaporization systems
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